There’s An All-LEGO Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’ Coming This May

We first heard about the possibility of an all-LEGO episode of The Simpsons a few weeks ago, back when the 2523-piece Simpsons LEGO set was first announced. Now we have confirmation and some background. From TV Line:

The animated series’ 550th episode, titled “Brick Like Me,” will air Sunday, May 4 (aka the second Sunday of May sweeps, which this year starts on April 24).

In the special episode, Homer wakes up in a world where his family and everyone in Springfield are made of LEGOs. He then must “put together” how he got there and somehow figure out how to get home.

There will probably be two reactions to this news. If you’re the type of person who is generally happy and upbeat, enjoyed both The Simpsons and LEGO products growing up, and loved The LEGO Movie when you saw it with your kids last week, you may have read that blockquote and said “Hey! Cool! Two things I like, together at last!” But if you’re the type of person who reads news about the modern-day iteration of The Simpsons doing a whole episode dedicated to a corporate tie-in and says “UGH” and rolls your eyes so hard they almost spin out of their sockets, then you probably read that blockquote and, uh, well … said “UGH” and rolled your eyeballs so hard they almost spun out of their sockets. (You are very predictable.)

Actually, I lied. There are three reactions. You could also go to the LEGO message boards and freak right the hell out, like this guy did when all of this was first rumored back in August:

We have the information that LEGO is negotiating a LEGO Simpsons theme. As those who have seen it know, The Simpsons is an inappropriate show that is not fit for kids. It is not fit for a company that deems the word “kill” inappropriate for children to create a theme of a show like the Simpsons.

A bit on the Simpsons show:

I have nothing good to say about the Simpsons show. It is extremely innapporpriate and induces cussing, swearing, and plenty of other things I will not mention. If any of you have seen a commercial for the Simpsons or seen the show, you will know that LEGO should not open children and kids to this. The mere mention of a scratch in a post on the Message Boards has been rejected. If LEGO does not allow that, they should despise the Simpsons show. Truthfully, I can’t believe they are negotiating a contract with such an innaprropriate show like the Simpsons.

Come on, parents and LEGO fans, let’s show LEGO how much we despise their attempt to make a LEGO Simpsons! Hurry before the contract is signed!!!

I wonder how that guy is holding up this morning. I bet he’s apoplectic. Someone should check in on him.

Source: TV Line