Kate McKinnon’s Theresa May Makes Out With Kit Harington’s Winston Churchill On ‘SNL’

Throughout Game of Thrones star Kit Harington’s first sting as Saturday Night Live‘s guest host, the actor did just about everything the team at Studio 8H could throw at him. He stripped down to his boxers (and nipple tassels) for a bachelorette party, bantered with his Thrones castmates about potential final season spoilers and even channeled Michael Jackson Frank Sinatra for a weird lounge singer skit. He also, albeit briefly, played a thirsty version of the late Winston Churchill in a Theresa May music video with Kate McKinnon.

Sure, the SNL cold open was yet again another jab at American politics, but McKinnon’s May impression popped up later in a pre-recorded music video with Harington’s Churchill and musical guest Sara Bareilles, who performed her hit Waitress song “She Used To Be Mine.” Unlike the show’s take on the allegations of inappropriate behavior against former Vice President Joe Biden, however, the May music video was more of a surreal performance art piece that saw McKinnon interacting with angry Brits out in public, getting the finger from the Queen’s Guard, dancing in a Union Jack onesie and making out with Harington.

Many viewers enjoyed the sketch, though primarily because of McKinnon’s spectacular performance (and dance moves) and Bareilles’s performance.

Others, however, were curious as to how British Twitter would react the next morning.