These Classic ‘Office’ Moments Are Proof That Dwight Schrute Can Survive Anything

Rainn Wilson’s new series Backstrom is off to a rocky start, with many people saying the show is too similar to House, M.D., a claim that Wilson has refuted in the media. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Wilson through his years of playing Dwight Schrute on The Office, he doesn’t go down without a fight. Here are some classic Dwight moments that show just how resilient the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager really is.

He’s not the type of person you can fool with false flattery:

His knowledge of the English language is quite impressive:

He can be counted on to make intelligent decisions in tough situations:

His improvisational skills are legendary:

He’s experienced at hunting wild game:

He has excellent coping skills:

He’s REALLY passionate about loyalty:

But he got along just fine without Jim Halpert:

Finally, he’s a devil with the ladies: