These Links Are Ready To Throw Down

01.28.11 9 Comments

I will END you, bro.

I hate him, but this is cool. San Fransisco Giants closer Brian Wilson went on “Lopez Tonight” dressed as a sea captain and proceeded to tell schooner and Thai hooker jokes. You KNOW it has to be good if I’m leading with a story from “Lopez Tonight” about a guy responsible for knocking my precious Phillies out of the playoffs. [With Leather]

Every story should lead with a picture of”30 Rock’s” Katrina Bowden. Or, you know, fighting flamingos. What’s happening with Hulu? [Uproxx News]

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT MOTHERTRUCKER. This is a post I did over at Film Drunk about a mind-blowing clip from an Indian action movie. It was later tweeted by Adam McKay, which I believe means I’m famous now and it sucks to be all of you. [Film Drunk]

Well that’s no shocker. Robopanda brings us the discovery of a dinosaur with one finger, and an awesome Photoshop. [Gamma Squad]

Cool, but which one of Will Smith’s children is playing him. An exclusive clip from the new Bieber movie “Never Say Never.” I liked that title better when it was a song from the Fievel movie. [MovieFone]

More after the jump, including apologetic dog and Sleigh Bells

This sentence is nonsense. It might as well read ‘purple monkey dishwasher.’ Dave Navarro guested on “One Tree Hill” and had a condom water balloon fight. [TV Squad]

“The last time I saw a pilot this hot get picked up is when I got drunk & slept with Sully, amirite ladies?” NBC picked up a pilot by Chelsea Handler, which I’m sure will be empowering to women everywhere and not at all about being a drunk slut. [

I guess you could say he’s a sheep(ish) dog. (*ducks tomatoes*) Apologetic dog is apologetic. (Pictured at right). [via Roboshark]

Or, more succinctly, ‘Sex and violence.’ Entertainment Weekly breaks down why “Jersey Shore” is a hit.  [EW]

It’s suggestive because they’re implying something about erections. You are welcome for the explanation. “Vampire Diaries” has a sexy new ad centered around the catchphrase “Got wood?” (Also, I am the only one who read this as “Vampire Diarrheas”? I am 12.) [Vulture]

I do not get this, because I was a douche in high school. A Russian rip off of “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” I’m told this is really good, but it’s outside my wheelhouse. [Topless Robot]

Concur. F-ck you, snow. (Mildly NSFW) [YouTube]

In closing, this is the music video for “Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells. I wish someone had put me onto Sleigh Bells a long time ago, because the line to get with the singer is long as hell now.  Yeah, there’s a line.

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