These Links Are Rioting, Eh?

Tommy from Quinzee reacts to the Bruins’ win. It’s just a shame he missed out on the rioting. [Kissing Suzy Kolber; photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images; GIF via @PUNTE]

Your Vancouver rioting gallery. Ha ha, way to destroy your beautiful city, Vancouver! [With Leather]

The Dugout, by Bill Simmons. This one’s a great episode. And yes, there are footnotes. [With Leather]

The ten most ridiculous items on Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry. What? Every bride needs an $800 ashtray. [Uproxx]

Werner Herzog reads ‘Go the F**k to Sleep.’ It’s a nice companion piece to Samuel L. Jackson reading it. [FilmDrunk]

Best of Venture Bros. Cosplay. Dr. Girlfriend is one of the sexiest cartoons in TV history. It’s a shame about her voice. [Gamma Squad]

Rob McIlhenny gained 50 pounds to play Mac next season. Check out this on-set preview of Season 7 of “It’s ALways Sunny in Philadelphia.” [ScreenJunkies]

Dick Ebersol pitches the Notre Dame network. This makes fun of almost everything I loathe. [EDSBS]

I feel ya, Fergie. Probably the first time I’ve ever sympathized with her. [babyastronauts]

The coolest TV bars we wish existed. I dunno, I love “Sunny,” but I’m fine with Paddy’s Pub being fictional. [Modern Man]

The Celebrity Rehab of Dr. Drew. A very long but very good article by the excellent Natasha Vargas-Cooper. [GQ]

The Ultimate ‘Party Down’ Marathon. The Drafthouse in Austin — the same place that awesomely kicks out people who text during movies — will show both seasons of the Starz cult classic with most of the cast and creators on hand. [Drafthouse]