Thirty-One Episodes Of ‘Bill Nye The Science Guy’ Are Streaming On Netflix

For your nostalgic learning pleasure, Bill Nye the Science Guy has finally arrived on Netflix for streaming.

There are 100 episodes of the beloved mid-90s educational show, which means a little less than a third of the entire show is currently streaming, but Netflix will probably add more episodes if enough people watch it. Some episode topics include solar energy, evolution, and ocean ecosystems, and for the most part, the science is still sound. Many fans of the show, including teachers, see the educational benefit of making Bill Nye the Science Guy available online:

“I am a middle-school science teacher and I still use the episodes, or small sections of them during class when I don’t have the time to set up a complicated demo,” a redditor wrote. “I fill in the updated information that is different from what he may have shown. He is a good introduction to basic science concepts.”

Break out the bow ties and dust off that chemistry set, it’s time for a Bill Nye the Science Guy marathon! “Science rules. B-B B-Bill Nye, the Science Guy-Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Nye, the Science Guy!”

(Via The Daily Dot)