This ’60 Minutes’ Report On A Liberian Hospital Treating Ebola Patients Is Fascinating And Heartbreaking

60 Minutes dispatched Lara Logan and crew to Liberia to get a glimpse inside of an Ebola treatment center in Liberia, ground zero for the fight against the disease. The resulting report is, as the headline suggests, both interesting and gut-wrenching, for a host of reasons. Prepare for the room you’re in to get a bit dusty near the end. Logan, meanwhile, is spending 21 days in self-quarantine.

Additionally, watching this made me think that the American medical professionals who are there on the front lines fighting this dreadful disease should be hailed as heroes upon their return home in the same way that soldiers who get sent off to battle overseas are. It’s the least we can do for them.

(ED. NOTE: The embed from the 60 Minutes website isn’t working properly, so embedded above is last night’s entire episode. Lara Logan’s Ebola report is the first of the program.)

(Via CBS/60 Minutes)