08.11.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Three of the driving forces behind “Arrested Development” — creator/executive producer Mitch Hurwitz, actor Will Arnett, and co-executive producer Jim Vallely — have teamed up to make another sitcom for Fox.  Hold on, hold on — be sure to read everything before you go Twitter all your friends about it:

The project, which has received a script commitment, is being written by Hurwitz (right), Arnett and Vallely. It stars Arnett as a rich Beverly Hills jackass who falls in love with a charitable tree-hugging woman who can’t stand his lifestyle or values.

Okay, Will Arnett as a rich jackass sounds promising… so why am I hesitant to be excited about this?  Four words: Sit Down, Shut Up.  That’s the other project these three guys have worked together on, and it BLEW.  Granted, animated shows seem to have a harder time gaining traction in a network’s lineup, but this had nothing to do with the animation — it was the lousy writing and unfunny jokes that killed it.  How bad was it?  About as bad as “Arrested” was good.  Put the two sitcoms together, average them out, and you get slightly better than “According to Jim.”

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