This Death Defying Slackline Stunt Is One Of The Coolest Things I've Ever Seen

08.20.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

I’ve never heard of slacklining, and I don’t know why anyone would ever engage in such an activity, but man oh man, this slackline stunt is cool. It’s for a Volvo TV spot, and it features a woman by the name of Faith Dickey basically doing a high-wire stunt on a rope strung between two Volvo 18-wheelers. Oh, and those 18-wheelers are moving at 80 mph. And there are very high winds. And OH YEAH, if she doesn’t cross in time, she’ll smack into a tunnel separating the two moving trucks.

So, you know: No pressure.

There’s a lot of pre-stunt activity, so if you just want to skip straight to the stunt, move ahead to the 1:30 mark then try to keep your jaw closed.

(VIA AdFreak)

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