This 'Game of Thrones' Poster Is the Best TV Poster Ever

Remember Danger’s post about the official rules on spoilers, and how you should wait “two weeks for a regular episode, two months for a season finale, and one year for a series finale” before ruining a show for a friend? Looks like the list is going to need a revision: “Wait until it’s shown on a poster.”

The second season premiere of “Game of Thrones” is only 18 days away (!), and HBO has released yet another promotional item. Except this one’s, like, the Tyrion of promotional items — in that it’s the best, not that it’s the smallest. The poster shows poor Ned Stark’s head on a pike, with the words “The King Can Do As He Likes” above his honorable noggin. It’s awesome, it’s effective, it makes me hate Joffrey all over again, and now I’m wondering how much Sean Bean was paid for permission to use his decapitated coconut. Best. Paycheck. Ever.

See the full thing below.