This ‘Girls’ Season Four Teaser Features Lena Dunham And Her Stunt Double

08.22.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

In this first teaser for season four of Girls, set to obligatory whimsical indie pop music (Shazam tells me it’s “A Friend Like You Young Forever” by Aberfeldy), it looks like Lena Dunham is heading to the University of Iowa after all — despite reports that the university banned the series from filming there. It appears that Hannah is now living in a house somewhere off campus, forced to ride a bicycle to get around (fish out of water! hilarity to ensue!) so of course she manages to eat sh*t just by like, riding on a paved path in a straight line. Oh, Hannah.

Girls and Lena Dunham — who is apparently too high falutin’ to do her own stunts — will probably return sometime early next year.

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