This Guy Expertly Pranked C-SPAN Using ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Theme Song

People have been prank calling C-SPAN for years, almost to the point that it’s expected at this point. Hosts are quick with the dump button and they can usually pick up on the right time to drop a car before things get too wild.

Most pranksters keep it simple or aim low when calling in, probably opting to spew a curse word or say something about the female anatomy before getting cut off. Jack Strickland seems to take a higher road, using pop culture and odd scenarios to lead the hosts along and prank them. His YouTube channel is full of different examples, but this Fresh Prince related prank is his latest.

I applaud him for making it through the first part of the song, managing to hide the lyrics just enough to fool an unsuspecting host or call screener. It’s better than just screaming about balls for thirty seconds. Save that for church.

(Via Jack Strickland)