04.05.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

You know how I like to start my week? Watching a raccoon eat out of a woman’s mouth. Reader Jeff writes:

saw this on animal planet yesterday. badass video of [Bandit the raccoon] at the table, waving his little arms helplessly, but i can’t find it. here’s the more awesom-er footage.

The video below is the Moment of Zen from last Wednesday’s “Daily Show,” so this is in no way timely [edit: whoops, make that nine years ago. I mixed up “2001” with “2010”. But the fact remains that this is in no way timely.]. But when you’ve got video of a raccoon eating out of a woman’s mouth, you share it with the world regardless of the date. It’s how your mom rose from carnival freak to Internet star.

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