This Is Actually Happening

09.01.10 8 years ago 25 Comments

Tomorrow is September 2nd, 2010. Or 9/2/10. Or, if you like extraneous zeros, 9/02/10. And that collection of numbers is enough for people to stick their heads up their asses to get a good, deep whiff of ’90s nostalgia by celebrating “90210 Day.” (Wake me up when it’s 3/14/15. I love a good Pi Day!)

Foremost among the offenders is ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, who is taking a break from making references to Teen Wolf and Karate Kid in order to devote an entire podcast to “90210” with fantasy sports “expert” and world-class pig Matthew Berry. Simmons tweeted:

Preparing for the 9-02-10 podcast with Berry. You know what’s shocking? None of David Silver’s horrendous music is online except “Precious.”

Ugh. I understand that tons of people out there love Simmons, but this really, really, really isn’t necessary. You know, just because you were in college when the show was on doesn’t make it interesting. The ’90s blew, and there’s nothing to say about “90210” that hasn’t already been said. Let me save you an hour of your time: Gabrielle Carteris was way too old to be a high school student. Ian Ziering married a Playboy model. Luke Perry was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Paul Reubens. Tori Spelling is and always has been ugly. Color Me Badd sang at the Peach Pit. Ryan Seacrest played Ryan Seacrest before he was Ryan Seacrest. Blah blah blah, sideburns, Kelly got raped.

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