This Is An Actual Car Commercial

04.04.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

This commercial, titled “Babes ‘N Donuts” is one of a series for Toyota’s glorified golf cart, the Scion iQ. In the ads, a car full of girls in bikinis do donuts in a parking lot while trying to eat donuts and drink milk, with predictably messy results. It’s basically a Dollar Tree version of the Kate Upton Carl’s Jr. commercial mixed with an episode of “MANswers” (“HOW MANY DONUTS CAN A BABE EAT WHILE DOING DONUTS WITH MILK ON HER BOOBS?! MANSWERS! [explosion] [guitar riff] [explosion]”). I get that they’re trying to appeal to a market of bros who normally wouldn’t be caught dead in a small, fuel efficient car (“ARE DUDES WHO CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT GIANT PUSSIES WITH TINY JUNK WHO ARE PROBABLY TOTAL GAYS?! MANSWERS! [shark leaps out of ocean, eats eagle] [both explode]”), but it’s such a dumb, transparent attempt that it craps all over its purpose.

All that said, I did actually enjoy one of the other spots in the series, “Cop ‘N Donuts.” They guy in the backseat on the left cracked me up. The lesson here is that I’m a giant hypocrite and I would really like someone to bring me a donut.

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