Why Is Everyone Going Crazy Over This Bloody Good Tampon Commercial?

06.20.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
tampon ad


About a year ago, we told you about Hello Flo, an online delivery reminder service named after your aunt that ships “care packages” with tampons and other period-related items to women. We weren’t trying to get you to buy the vodka-soakers; we just wanted to showcase Hello Flo’s commercial, which, considering the subject matter, was surprisingly amusing. No Shining elevator, but still effective.

Well, the company has another ad, “First Moon Party,” that everyone’s going crazy over. In three days, the video has over six million views, and 20,000 thumbs up to only 1,300 thumbs down. (I assume those HATERS were disappointed when they searched for “moon bloodgood,” and found a tampon commercial.) Why is it so popular? It’s charmingly awkward, less insipid than any TV tampon ads, and a girl pretends to get her period by painting Florida on her tampon using nail polish.

If only Sansa had thought of that

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