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Here’s an update to my quest to battle a celebrity in ping pong next week: the good news is that people have very generously donated $295 to my cause, the wonderful 826NYC. The bad news is that that only puts me in 12th place in terms of fund raising (rankings here), and I need to be in the top four in order to pick my opponent. That means I have to take drastic measures: PRIZES!

Here’s the deal: (1) sponsor me by donating a little bit of money, (2) email me the confirmation of your donation, and (3) the person who donates the largest amount by 5:00 Eastern tomorrow gets the full DVD series of “Freaks and Geeks,” the critically acclaimed series that kick-started Judd Apatow comedy mafia. If you have already donated money, (a) bless your heart, and (b) you are also able to win this prize, presently priced at $54.99 plus shipping at Amazon. Just email me that confirmation.

To see who I might be competing against and the present voting results, please see below:

(One more thing about the cause: 826NYC isn’t merely a place that offers free tutoring and creative writing workshops to children. While helping kids is the primary goal, I also owe a debt of gratitude to the organization. When I moved to New York in the fall of 2004, I knew about three people in New York City and had zero connections for getting a job. While I went through several months of unemployment trying to establish myself as a writing/editing prospect — but with only Marine Corps credentials — the only place that gave me a chance was 826. The people I met there in that first lean year in New York are largely why I stuck around long enough to earn a living by making silly Photoshops and dick jokes. So that’s one of the reasons I’m pushing to raise money for them — as thanks for what they’ve done for me.)

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