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In what absolutely HAD to be a favor to his daughters, Larry David appeared on Disney’s “Hannah Montana” in 2007, prompting millions of preteen girls to say, “Who’s that weird old guy?” (Both David and his daughters appeared as themselves.)

Before you watch the video below, two things: (1) I’d forgotten how f-cking terrible laugh tracks are. It doesn’t even correlate to the jokes, it’s just a steady stream of canned laughter over the dialogue. (2) Despite the laugh track and the terrible premise and the lousy script and the whole thing just reeking with the glossy sheen of Disney, Larry David is still his genuine cantankerous self. He manages to walk the line between playing too cute in the Disney construct and flipping out and taking a flamethrower to the set. And although the flamethrower would have been more fun to watch, his performance is pretty impressive in its own right.

[Aziz is Bored via Buzzfeed]

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