This Local News Anchor Was Not Pleased To Meet The Hamburglar

In terms of McDonald’s walking, child-terrifying brands, er, characters, the Hamburglar seems the least awful. Grimace is a tumorous grape, Mayor McCheese can’t go outside, and I would WRECK the McNugget Buddies population by eating them all. (In McDonaldland, water is honey mustard sauce and blood is ketchup; no one lives past 27 years old.)

So anchor April Simpson, who has the fantastic Twitter name of @FoxOnFox, should feel #blessed that she was compared to the hamburger-stealing burglar (NOW I GET IT) and not Iam Hungry, the self-proclaimed “Vice President of Snacking.” This morning on Fox 2, Simpson got to meet her fashion icon, but judging by her reaction, she was not pleased.

Local news is weird.