This ‘Mad Men’ News Totally Justifies Posting These Alluring Images of Christina Hendricks

Look: We’re a TV site. We are professionals. We can’t just post unbelievably hot photos of Christina Hendricks because they exist. We need an excuse to cover our asses so it doesn’t look like we’re hit whoring (pssst. We’re totally hit whoring, but it’s for a good cause.). So, here’s some “Mad Men” “news,” which I’m sure you will “read,” because I will elegantly adorn each “news” item with new photos of Christina Hendricks from her photoshoot in Cosmo (wink, wink).

First up, in a recent interview with Matthew Weiner, he cited one of my favorite films of all time, The Apartment, as a major influence on his television series:

“There’s a very big relationship to it, and anybody who can make a comparison to it, it’s one of the most flattering things that you could ever say. There’s a movie that nobody wanted to make, that people thought was kind of crass and crude. I did not see it until I was in film school. I had seen some Billy Wilder movies as being a part of the culture, but I didn’t know whose they were or whatever. But what I love about that movie is that there is this image that sort of got metabolized of the ‘50s in particular and the high ‘60s and that period basically between Woodstock and, let’s say, Eisenhower.”

“It’s a pretty great movie, and one of the great things about the movie, too, is that there’s so much entertainment in it. There’s an hour and 20 minutes in that movie when all that’s happening is catching the audience up with what’s already happened. You literally come into a situation and you are learning for an hour and 20 minutes that this guy has an apartment, that his boss is using him, that everyone is having sex in this apartment, that he does it all the time. There’s no forward movement in the story, except for the audience finding out what this guy’s life is like. Just narratively it’s fascinating, and then there’s all the planting and payoff.”

“Billy Wilder wrote it with I. L. Diamond – this is like one of the great writing teams of all time, and just the cinema in it, the stuff that’s done…I’d like to claim a relationship to ‘Mad Men’ for that, too. Spoiler alert: Things like the champagne cork going off and you think it’s a suicide. The tennis racket. The compact with the crack in it. The restaurant with the drinks in it. How things are shaping up ‘cookie-wise.’ That’s a contemporary movie. People were seeing people that they knew. It was done in a very sort of classic kind of way. It’s masterful storytelling.” (Source: Popcorn Biz)

If you haven’t, you really should check out The Apartment. Not only will it deepen your appreciation of “Mad Men,” it really is one of the most darkly romantic films of the 20th century. Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacClaine will knock your socks off.

Elsewhere, “Homeland” star Damien Lewis, who was passed over for the role of Don Draper in favor of Jon Hamm, recently expressed his disappointment in not receiving the part.

“I wish I had got the Don Draper role. I’ve got a little bit of a man crush on him,” he said. (Source: The Press Association)

It worked out for the best, I think. Although, the idea of an attractive male and female ginger on the same show has a certain appeal. What do you think, Christina?

That’s what I thought.

Finally, because of the huge success of the first line of “Mad Men” inspired clothing, the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant, has once again teamed up with Banana Republic to assemble a new line of clothing for the chain retailer.

The 40 new pieces will feature modernised references to the 1960s era like bold cocktail jewellery, abstract floral prints, pops of bright pink, tailored suiting and body-conscious.

Perhaps there will be something like this in the collection.

(Source: Belfast Telegraph)

And don’t forget: “Mad Men” will return on March 25th.