This Makes Sense: Nancy Grace Is Selling Handcuff Jewelry For Abused Children

We all know Nancy Grace is no stranger to extremely poor taste in the name of self-righteous, indignant outrage, so I really shouldn’t have been at all surprised to find out that the HLN host is selling handcuff jewelry, because, abused children y’all! Apparently she’s been selling a handcuff necklace in the “Nancy Grace Store” (which is a thing that exists) for quite some time now, and has recently added a bracelet style — just in time for Mother’s Day!

The product description reads:

A Must Have for Fellow Crime Fighters & Nancy Grace Fans. This necklace makes a statement!

That statement being, “I’m a Nancy Grace-watching dick for brains!”

Product Details: Silvertone. The handcuffs measure 1.25 inch L x 1 inch W. The necklace measures 19 inches in length and 6.7mm in width. Fastens with a openable handcuff clasp. No key necessary.  Nancy Grace signature engraved on one of the hand cuffs!

*A significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of this necklace goes to Victims’ Rights Charities.

Oh, so only a “significant” portion of the proceeds go to victims’ rights charities. Which means that at least $2 of each handcuff necklace sold is paying to get Nancy Grace’s assh*le bleached. This is also a different story than what she says on air, and I for one could not be more astounded that Nancy Grace would ever exaggerate, manipulate or distort the truth.

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