This ‘Party Down South’ Moron Beer Bonged An Entire Bottle Of Jäger And Miraculously Didn’t Die

I’ve never watched CMT’s Party Down South outside of the incredibly entertaining clips they sometimes run on The Soup — so I’m only vaguely familiar with Ryan Richards, costar of the bottom-feeding reality series who most famously and recently said that he was going to go “frigging balsamic.”

So I’m not sure what disturbs me the most about this clip: The unknown female in it (who I assume is a Party Down South co-star) egging him on, his maniacal giggling as he runs to retrieve his drinking funnel and bottle of Jäger, or the fact that he apparently didn’t die — even though he already appeared to be pretty intoixcated prior to funneling an entire bottle of Jäger. I don’t know what kind of kind of super rednecks they’re breeding down there with bionic livers, but something tells me they’ll outlive us all.

Kind of like cockroaches.