This Philadelphia Cafe Created The Perfect ‘Broad City’ Inspired Brunch Menu

Presumably to honor Abbi Jacobson’s Pennsylvania Main Line pedigree, Philadelphia’s Sabrina’s Cafe — an amazing brunch spot boasting a few different locations across Philly and the Main Line — designed this amazing Broad Cityinspired brunch menu, which includes entrees such as “The Esteemed Judith Light Egg White Omelette,” “Lincoln’s ‘I Ate a Whole Pancake’ Special,” and the “Nature’s Pocket Vegan Brunch.” Mmmm, vagina brunch.

Personally, I would recommend the The “‘Arc de Triomphe’ Special Stuffed French Toast,” which is just the fancy name for the stuffed Challah French toast they always have, because that stuff is LEGIT. Previously, this was known as “Mac’s Mass-Cultivating Special Stuffed French Toast” when Sabrina’s debuted an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia inspired menu. While I can’t officially endorse any illegal activities, it probably wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world to get baked before enjoying your Sabrina’s cafe Broad City brunch specials.