07.17.09 9 years ago 23 Comments

I love this.  The Hollywood Reporter put together a roundtable of the Emmy nominees for Best Actress in a Comedy Series — Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, Christina Applegate, Jane Krakowski, Mary-Louise Parker, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus — and had ’em rap about thangs.  I like this first clip best because it’s mostly Silverman being funny and people complimenting Mary-Louise, but there are two more below that talk about women aging in Hollywood (Poehler’s the youngest at 37) and Christina Applegate’s role in “Married with Children” that I just find fascinating and funny.  It’s cool to see these established entertainers talk about their work schedules and struggles and successes and failures.

My only complaint is that Mary-Louise Parker and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are sitting next to each other.  Don’t they realize how hard it is to keep my hyphenated names straight?  Why not just line them up with Mary Lou Retton and Richard Lewis and Richard Dreyfus and see who can make the most complex name?  I vote for Mary Lou-Louise Louis-Lewis.  Richard Dreyfus can get bent. (via Videogum)

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