This ‘Science World’ Commercial Was Banned In Canada Because It’s Too Violent

08.27.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

When you’ve made a hobby out of watching grown men get hit in the groin with any number of objects, from sporting goods to human feet, you have a tendency to become rather complacent in regard to the violent nature of the nut shot. That’s why it’s so remarkable that this TV ad for Science World at the Telus World of Science in Vancouver was actually banned from airing by the Television Bureau of Canada, which deemed it too violent, according to Ad Week. But then, one man’s hilarious kick to the crotch is another man’s terrifying shattered testicle.

This isn’t the first time that Science World and the brilliant Rethink Communications have raised eyebrows over advertising, either, as its 2012 series about the “Science of Sexuality” featured perhaps one of the best commercials ever made for TV in any country.

Oh Canada, feel free to send your so-called “violent” commercials or your ads with Minka Kelly lookalike nurses having threeways in supply closets on down to us. In exchange, I’ll send you this wholesome American Signature furniture ad that you can feel free to play all the time, so I never ever have to hear this woman moaning, “CHAISE!” again in my life.

I’ll throw in our anti-tobacco ads, too, since I’d rather switch places with the guy in this GIF than ever hear that lady crying into the incubator again.

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