This Seems About Right

The Dutch reality show “Who Is The Worst Driver in the Netherlands?” got its answer when one of the contestants ran over the show’s host. In this video, you can watch a Dutch moron terribly pilot a car off the test road, and one camera actually captures a glimpse of the host’s legs flying in the air when he’s struck by the vehicle. More from

A contestant identified as Pim mistook the accelerator for the brake, veered off course, took his hands from the wheel, covered his eyes, struck a car and ran down both a camera man and the show’s host. By some small miracle, no one was seriously injured in the episode, though host Ruben Nicolai spent some time in the hospital as a result of Pim’s excursion. [via The Daily What]

I know what you’re thinking: “Can we get Guy Fieri to host the American remake?” Unfortunately, the number of Asian drivers and black women in SUVs here would make an American version much too dangerous racist.

(I was going to end this post with that, but I did a quick search through my archives and found a 2009 story about Travel Channel developing a show called “Streets of America: The Search for America’s Worst Driver.” I ended that post with this remark: “God, I hope one of the contestants runs over the production team.” Whoops.)