This ‘True Detective’ Bootleg DVD Cover Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

I’m easing you in with the cropped preview above because I’m concerned showing everyone the full True Detective season one bootleg cover will blow your collective butts off and I’ll become liable for the damages. What I’m trying to say is the cover alone is “Amazing Perform, Full Frontal Action” (Chicago Sun Times, still got it) and you need to be prepared.

Deep breaths. Ready? Here we go…

BAM. The only three letters for this.

I’m just sorry I don’t have more backstory from the Redditor who brought it to True Detective fans’ attention. Where did they find it and who was the mastermind behind it? Here’s what we do know:

  • That’s McConaughey’s head superimposed over Brad Pitt’s body from the Killing Them Softly promo still.
  • The 2 Discs are apparently HD DVD.
  • That’s the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower — and not the older, tackier one — in the backdrop.
  • Same goes for The Sphinx.
  • The Phoenix image origin.
  • ‘Splosions.
  • Still unclear about where Woody’s forearm came from.
  • If you touch darkness then darkness touches you.

I choose to believe USA Today, The Boston Herald, and The Toronto Star are giving this DVD cover — and not the first season of True Detective — four stars.

Via r/TrueDetective