This Video Of The Duggars Teaching Their Kids How To Kiss Is The Most Awkward Thing You’ll Watch Today

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Did you eat dinner? Maybe an evening snack? If so, I’m sorry. That sh*t is coming up.

This season on 19 Kids and Counting, Jessa, 22, is preparing to marry Ben Seewald. The two were saving their first kiss for the wedding night (“we think it could lead to some stuff we’re really trying to avoid before our wedding”), so they needed some valuable tips. Enter mom and dad.

“Let me show y’all the best way to kiss here,” said Jim Bob Duggar, leaning in toward his wife. “If you kiss straight-on, your noses hit together – see? So you have to turn – she turns one way, (I) turn the other.”

The younger couple giggles, and Jessa Duggar pronounces that her parents are “so cute.”

But it wasn’t all making out and nose-bumps. Jim Bob had valuable lessons to deliver, like how men only care about the physical but women want to talk and communicate.

“Both of you’ll like the physical relationship, but (for) the guy (it) will be kind of like the main focus,” said Jim Bob Duggar. “But for a woman, communicating is the most important thing, and so taking time each day to communicate – that will mean the world to her.”

I’m sorry Valentine’s Day has already come and gone, but, please, save these helpful tips for next year.

Source: Raw Story