This Was Worth 4 Minutes of Local News

05.26.10 9 years ago 31 Comments

This news clip from CBS affiliate KENS 5 in San Antonio has been everywhere over the last several days, but I’m just getting to it now because today’s pretty slow and I’ve had 300 different stories about “Lost” to write. The report details “packs” of “teenage werewolves” in San Antonio high schools — generous terms for goth kids who wear fangs and tails.

I highly recommend watching the video, and not just because the kids have given themselves names like “Katze Lupus Burn” and “Wolfie Blackheart.” Seriously. And over the course of four minutes, the news team informs us that these teens are not a menace to their schools or society (duh, because they’re pussies), and they even receive acceptance from their parents, as evidenced by the closeness between mother and son in this screen cap:

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