This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Answer Was So Bad That It Didn’t Even Make Sense

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06.04.14 15 Comments

The category is “Song Lyrics.” The answer, quite obviously, is “Surf City Here We Come.” But poor Stephen. Poor, poor Stephen. He’s just another name and face on the ever-growing Wheel of Fortune blooper reel that conveniently seems to have a new addition at least once a week. This time, we get to point at Stephen and laugh because instead of what we all think is the incredibly clear answer, he rang in and guessed, “Surf Clay Where We Go.” I don’t even know what to say to that. It’s so far off from the actual answer and not even correct in the number of letters on the board. I honestly have no clue how yellow skirt didn’t fall over laughing and orange sweater didn’t slap him in the face. This is simply astounding.

(Via SB Nation)

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