This ‘X-Rated’ ‘The Good Wife’ Scene Is Going To Upset So Many Grandparents

We talk so much about Game of Thrones and Justified and Breaking Bad and Homeland that, honestly, if it weren’t for my DVR season pass, I’d forget that network dramas are still a thing. Because, for the most part, they’re not very good. Last season, the only ones we discussed with anything semblance of regularity were Parenthood, Castle, Touch, and the best of the bunch, The Good Wife. In this age of gratuitous sex and violence (= good show), Big Four dramas just can’t compete with the angry-floor-sex-having ways of Mad Men, but at least The Good Wife is trying, in a way that will SHOCK your grandparents.

The racy scene in question was set at an ice cream parlor and went something like this: Lovers on a date. Each enjoying an ice cream cone. The male half of the pair reaches under the table to, ahem, melt his partner under her skirt. He then takes that same hand and dips it in her cone. Unshaken, the frisky female proceeds to lap at her “tainted” dessert.

After some internal debate over whether the outré encounter was suitable for the broadcast airwaves, the scene was eventually cleared for air later this fall.

TVLine can now reveal that the network is CBS, the show is The Good Wife, and the prurient duo is Kalinda (played by Archie Panjabi) and her estranged husband Nick (British actor Marc Warren). (Via)

WELL, I never!

Michael Ausiello, you really know how to paint a sexy picture. Tell me more about this “taint.” Anyway, this promises to be TV’s most erotic food-based scene since:

(Via TVLine)