Greg From ‘Dharma And Greg’ Had A Two Year Relationship With A Fake Internet Girlfriend

I admit that while watching the video below, I initially felt sorry for Thomas Gibson, better known as Greg from Dharma and Greg (and he’s in one of those interchangeable CBS procedurals, too). I mean, here’s a lonely guy so isolated by his mid-level fame that he resorted to the anonymous confines of the Internet to find love, and love is what he found. Unfortunately, the woman that Thomas Gibson had been in an on-line relationship with for two years was fake. She was just some rando who used the photos of some porn star to lure Thomas Gibson into her honey trap. The catch, unfortunately, is that both Thomas Gibson and the fake girlfriend developed real feeling for each other over the Internet, at least until Gibson found out that he’d been Catfished. After that, the lawyers got involved, and poor, sad, lonely and duped Thomas Gibson had his handlers contact her and insist that she never contact him again.

My sympathy for Thomas Gibson abruptly ended, however, as soon as I found out that he is married and has kids. In fact, in the cell phone message below that Gibson sends his fake Internet girlfriend (who released the video to TMZ because, hey! Why not? MONEY!), he’s hanging out in the hot tub chatting up his fake lover while his kids are playing video games. GREAT PARENTING.

You’re wealthy, you’re decent looking, and you’re semi-famous: WHAT WOULD POSSESS YOU? And how does that conversation with Gibson’s wife go, anyway?

Celebrities are weird, y’all.

(Source: TMZ)