Thoughts On Season 3 Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’: What We Loved And What We Didn’t

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By now, most fans of Orange Is the New Black have probably wrapped up Season 3, which was released last Friday; if you didn’t binge the whole thing in one weekend. So, we felt now was an appropriate time to have some very important discussions about what took place. This season seemed like the strongest so far (and by strongest, we possibly mean that there was nothing we vehemently hated… *cough* Vee *cough* Larry) even if all of the intertwining story lines didn’t exactly pan out in the most meaningful of ways. One thing’s for sure, Season 3 saw the most shakeup of any season of OITNB so far, with series casualties (?), including Nicky, Bennett, possibly Alex, newcomer Stella, and most of the guards.

We’ve put together some talking points to get our hands dirty and figure out exactly what we loved, what we liked, and what we didn’t so much in Season 3. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

Piper And Alex: Reunited And It Feels… Oh, The Hell With It

Stacey: I don’t know what annoyed me more about this. That all it took for Alex to get over Piper having her sent back to prison — partly out of reasons of concern and mostly out of reasons of selfishness — was one or two hate-f*ck sessions? Or that Piper, after gone to those extreme lengths to keep Alex close, was able to conveniently ignore her very valid concerns for her safety and then move onto the next shiny new, Ninja Turtle and Archer-tattoo-having thing when things got kind of boring?

Chet: To be fair, Alex left Pipes up sh*ts creek twice now. Not thinking about Alex being in danger aside, this was as much revenge based as some control thing. Still, Piper not owning it then blurting it out and assuming everything was gonna be okay was classic Piper.

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