Three More TV Shows Get The Axe, Sadly None Are ‘Revolution’

11.29.12 5 years ago 35 Comments

Oh, I know: I should leave Revolution alone. My hatred is irrational, but the burn feels so good. ANYHOODLE, three more shows were canceled yesterday, and most people probably already thought one had been canceled, while the other two you weren’t watching anyway. That is to say, these cancellations will in no way shatter your world. The best you can hope for is schadenfreude, but because you probably haven’t even seen the shows in question, their cancellation will bring you no satisfaction.

Let’s see what we got:

Mob Doctor — Really? This show is still on? I don’t think anyone saw anything beyond the pilot, but Fox stuck with it, all the same, probably because they didn’t have anything in the hopper to replace it until January. The Mob Doctor will finish out its 13 episode run before getting the axe. Poor Matty Saracen: The guy can’t catch a break. The good news is that it frees Zeljko Ivanek to do something worthwhile.

Emily Owens, M.D. — A 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demo is the reason that Emily Owens got the axe. That’s terrible even by CW’s low standards. In fact, there are probably more of you reading this post right now than ever watched Emily Owens. A 0.3 rating means that the Emily Owens cast probably couldn’t get their own families to watch the show. Infomercials probably get better ratings. I think the only reason the people that did watch the show turned out was to see Mamie Gummer, who is Meryl Streep’s daughter, and actually very good on The Good Wife. She’ll bounce back, I’m sure. But seriously: Who names their daughter Mamie?

The InBetweeners — I gave MTV a hard time when they decided to adapt the British show for America, but honestly, I watched the first half of the season, and I thought it was OK. A pale comparison to the original, yes, but not an embarrassment. It was actually quite amusing. I’m still not sorry to see it go. I do hope they don’t cancel Underemployed, though: It’s a low-key, genial, and easy-to-like show, and Inbar Lavi is lovely.

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