Three More Years for ‘South Park’

11.16.11 8 years ago 30 Comments

“South Park” will enter the rarefied air of two decades of longevity, as Comedy Central’s latest renewal will keep Trey Parker and Matt Stone in business for another three years of no-holds-barred juvenile satire beyond its current deal.

[Parker and Stone] have closed a new deal with Comedy Central for three more seasons of South Park. The pact will keep the series on through 2016, extending its run to 20 seasons. Parker and Stone will continue to write, direct and edit every episode of South Park, as they have since the series’ premiere in 1997. [Deadline]

I’ve been trying make myself have an opinion about this, but I just can’t conjure one up. Parker and Stone are absolutely fearless and should be celebrated for creating some of the edgiest satire on TV over the years, so in that regard this is great. On the other hand, I don’t find “South Park” as funny as a lot of other people do because I tend to get annoyed by the characters’ voices and the lousy animation. Yes, I understand that’s part of the show’s charm. Yes, I understand that the lousy animation allows for quick reactions to current events. Stop telling me why it’s great and let me have an opinion, okay? Why do people still try to change my mind about a show that I’ve watched on and off for the last 14 years?

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