Three Movies You Probably Don’t Remember Featured ‘Mad Men’s’ January Jones

04.23.12 7 years ago 19 Comments

Through four and a half seasons of “Mad Men,” the most remarkable thing to me about January Jones is not her bitch-face, nor is it Fat Betty. It’s that a character with as much screen time as Jones is so very seldom seen smiling. It’s not isolated to her Betty Draper-Francis character, either. If you’ve seen X-Men: First Class or Unknown, with Liam Neeson, you’ll begin to notice a pattern: She doesn’t smile. She plays glum, icy bitches that rarely ask her to part her lips.

It wasn’t always that way, however. Before “Mad Men,” January Jones was more likely to be seen playing giggly blondes. In fact, she’s been in three movies that many of you have probably seen, only you didn’t realize it because you didn’t know who January Jones was at the time, so you had no frame of reference.

Check out these three January Jones roles from $100 million movies that you probably don’t remember her from. What’s most remarkable about them all is that she ACTUALLY SMILES. Afterward, slide over to the Uproxx mothership and join this week’s “Mad Men” discussion.

Anger Management

American Wedding

Love, Actually (with Elisha Cuthbert, also before she was a star, which is to say: Before The Girl Next Door)

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