Let’s Dream-Cast The Upcoming ‘Three’s Company’ Movie

Senior Pop Culture Editor
04.20.16 19 Comments

“If Baywatch and Full House can come back, why not Three’s Company?”

That’s how I imagine the pitch meeting for the just-announced Three’s Company movie went. Or maybe Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, who wrote He’s Just Not That Into You, held up a sign that read “Recognizable Property = Money.” Either way, the pitch worked, because Kohn and Silverstein are working on a screenplay based on the long-running ABC sitcom about a single man living with two single women, and the sexy wackiness that ensues.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “New Line and the writers and producer [Robert Cort] are planning on having their feature be set in 1970s.” That begs the question: Which current celebrities do we most want to see as Jack, Janet, and Chrissy (sorry, Cindy) in tight ’70s attire? It’s dream-cast time.

Bill Hader as Jack

This is a gimme. Hader’s a charming straight man who can still land a joke (think: all of Trainwreck). Also, it would keep him from agreeing to voice another bird or pig, or whatever, in the inevitable Angry Birds Movie sequel.

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