‘Thrones’ Casts Two Big Roles

07.19.11 7 years ago 43 Comments

“Game of Thrones” has cast two talented (but largely unknown) actors in key roles for Season 2. Stannis Baratheon, brother of the late king, will be played American audiences for his portrayal of Thomas Jefferson in “John Adams.” Melisandre, who serves as Stannis’s counselor, will be played by Dutch actress Carice van Houten (of the Springfield van Houtens).

Melisandre is powerful woman who counsels the late King Robert’s eldest younger brother, Stannis Baratheon, in his quest to claim the Iron Throne. She’s described as a seductive force possessing prophetic powers who’s willing to impose her religion on the world by any means necessary. Stannis, meanwhile, believes himself to be the Iron Throne’s rightful heir and is described as humorless and authoritative, with a strict moral code. [EW]

I haven’t read the second book in George R.R. Martin’s series yet, and I don’t know much about these actors, so I’m not exactly the best person to provide insight or analysis here. So far all I’ve got is “I hope Melisandre gets naked.”

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