Tiffany Haddish And Maya Rudolph Showed Why They Should Host The Oscars Next Year


Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph might only be presenters at the 2018 Oscars but Jimmy Kimmel should be on high alert, because the two look like they’re out to snatch his hosting job next year.

In something out of Paul Thomas Anderson’s most beautiful dreams, Rudolph and Haddish teamed up to present the award for Best Documentary Short at the Academy Awards. The two riffed. They joked. They assured nervous Caucasians in the audience that there were still plenty of white people running the show backstage. They even singled out Meryl Streep (the second time Haddish as targeted the Oscar-winner) to pitch her a role as Haddish’s on-screen mother in Girls Trip 2. All of this it turns out is just a secret campaign the two are launching (with Anderson’s help) to host next year’s Oscars.

Okay, not really, but we can dream.

Haddish, who came out on stage carrying some expensive-looking heels and comfortable-looking house slippers, also made sure to give her go-to dress a moment in the spotlight. Haddish wore the same form-fitting white gown that she’s donned on previous red carpets and that she wore while hosting Saturday Night Live last year. In fact, the comedian used her SNL monologue to come correct about how expensive high-end fashion can be and to make the rest of us feel a little bit better about recycling outfits.

So just in case you were on the fence about your feelings for Haddish at this year’s Oscars, here are a few bullet points to sway you to the stan club:

  • Jumps Meryl Streep on the red carpet
  • Wears something out of a Wakandan catalog to honor her heritage
  • Wears Ugg house slippers on stage
  • Cracks jokes about white people to white people to make white people feel comfortable
  • Begs Meryl Streep to be her mom
  • Is the Black Unicorn we don’t deserve