Tiffany Haddish Interrupted Her Red Carpet Chat With Jimmy Kimmel’s Sidekick To Chase Down Meryl Streep

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Tiffany Haddish was a definite stand out during the Oscars telecast on Sunday, and she wasn’t even up for any awards. Not only did her Eritrean-inspired dress turn heads on the red carpet, she managed to slip on her white dress from SNL once again to mark her fourth time. She has certainly gotten the most mileage out of it.

Not only that but she got to double dip with her love for Meryl Streep during the show. Haddish made sure to point out the legendary actress while presenting with Maya Rudolph, but her first encounter came on the red carpet. It wasn’t a natural meeting either, as we can now see from Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s coverage of the festivities. Guillermo was trying to get everybody drunk and snacked up, even asking if Haddish wanted a drink, but the interview had to stop when Streep entered the scene.

Haddish took off across the red carpet, hopping over the velvet ropes to make sure Streep knew who she was and to heap some praise on her. It was a great moment and Haddish even returned to finish her segment with Guillermo, refusing his tequila because she wasn’t looking to get pregnant on Oscar night.

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