Tig Notaro Talks About Her Powerful Decision To Go Topless On Stage

It’s been quite a ride to this point for Tig Notaro. The stand up comedian announced her battle with breast cancer during a “masterful” stand-up comedy set at the Largo and covered her recovery from a double mastectomy in numerous television interviews and a Netflix documentary. She certainly deserves all the notoriety, but it’s not the most pleasurable way to go about earning it. Now she’s doing much better, preparing for an HBO special that will air this Saturday, and sharing her experience with audiences across the nation.

On Thursday’s Conan, Notaro went into detail about her decision to go topless on stage during her show and how it has affected her audiences. The HBO special will be the first time the national audience gets a chance to see what audiences in LA and New York have experienced. And much like the promo for her special, Notaro jokes about doing it right there on Conan, leading to Andy and Conan joining in and showing a bit of what’s under their shirts (spoiler alert: it is incredibly pale).

Also if you haven’t checked it out, a bunch of famous comedians have been Tweeting for Tig Notaro ahead of her HBO special. This includes Richter ahead of today’s show, Ed Helms, Jeff Garlin, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani (not the guy from The Big Bang Theory). You can peruse back through the names that have been involved to this point. They’re even blocking folks and everything, just like a real Twitter profile.

(Via Team Coco)