Tila Tequila gets cut

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.12.10 10 Comments

After being the first to sign onto Dr. Drew Pinsky’s life-saving cable television show “Celebrity Rehab,” trouble-prone reality TV star slash gossip blog entrepreneur slash musician slash Antz-faced bisexual nightmare Tila Tequila has withdrawn from the program, expected to begin filming later this month.  Her problem: too many slashes.

Tila’s manager refused to comment on the situation, but Radar Online is reporting that producers apparently wanted her out amid rumors that she had self-mutilated herself.  Photos depicting self-inflicted, “disturbing cut marks” described as a combination of cutting and burning were posted on the website back in June.

The decision comes as a blow to Celebrity Rehab, who had failed to drag Lindsay Lohan and Heather Locklear into the fold.  This season Dr. Drew will have to help Justin Bobby, Amy Shrinkle, and some form of Rich Vos cope with their addictions.  Tila will snort a bunch of Ambien, google herself, and Twitter until she falls asleep.

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