Tim Heidecker’s Alex Jones Impression Joins Eric Andre As A Highlight Of The RNC

We’ve highlighted the craziness perpetrated by Eric Andre and Tim Heidecker at the Republican National Convention, but it’s worth one last look as we head into Philadelphia and the Democratic convention next week. Perhaps more will be in store then and perhaps it’ll be far more boring. No matter what, we have some gems to keep looking over from this week — including one odd one from Alex Jones himself to close it all out.

Heidecker is definitely the more openly political of the two comics, but both seemed intent on being a little goofy during the RNC. Eric Andre is just entrenched in the absurd that it’s hard to say there is ever a side taken — unless that side is the side of freedom:

It really clears up the things that were posted on Twitter the other night, especially with how fast it seems they were detained by security.

Meanwhile, Heidecker’s Jones impressions were in full rotation during the RNC while he also managed to work in this classic, super viral, incredibly popular joke about how Donald Trump named his children:

Heidecker and Super Deluxe partner-in-crime Vic Berger were all over during the convention, covering most of it on social media and capping the week with a live Q&A on Facebook. They also put out the Alex Jones update you saw at the very top of the post, giving the Infowars master one final send up during a week where he apparently “stole the show.”

And as for Jones himself, he was doing his own brand of trolling from the right side of the media. Not only did he interrupt The Young Turks broadcast and cause quite the disruption, prompting plenty of jackets to go flying.

(Via Super Deluxe / Adult Swim / The Young Turks)