People Keep Asking Tim Robbins About These Real-Life ‘Shawkshank’ Style Prison Escapes

During Tim Robbins‘ appearance on Conan Monday night, the topic of The Shawshank Redemption came up in relation to the recent prison escape in New York. Shawshank is a fine film, but as Robbins points out, it is fiction and his character, Andy Dufresne, was innocent. The men currently on the run in New York might not be in the same boat, despite their fairly brazen escape.

Turns out this happens quite a bit for Robbins. People have apparently called about the connection and he’s explained that there’s little story there. That was a movie and this is reality. The same thing happened back when the supposed “real life” Andy Dufresne was captured after 56 years, a story that at least had a sliver of a connection to the Stephen King story.

Robbins also talks about the famous fans of Shawshank and its legacy among movie fans (sitting high atop the Top 250 on IMDB). And yes, it is allowed to be shown in prison. It’s just one of those edited versions like they show at the old folks’ home on The Simpsons.

(Via Team Coco)