‘Time Is A Flat Circus’ Is The Only ‘True Detective’ – ‘Family Circus’ Mashup You Need

This seems so obvious I can’t believe it’s taken the internet this long to jump on it, but someone finally took Family Circus — which is arguably the creepiest “wholesome” comic strip ever — and superimposed Rust Cohle’s deadpan, cynical monologues over the cartoon bubbles to create Time Is A Flat Circus, the best True Detective-related tumblr I’ve seen so far. And here I thought that the King of the Hill mashup had achieved peak internet perfection.

I’ve included some of my favorites below:

It’s pretty telling as to the cultural relevance of True Detective that we’re still seeing these inspired mashups well beyond a month after the season finale wrapped up. Keep ’em coming!

(All images via Time Is A Flat Circle)