‘Time Traveling Bong’ Is Available Online And Uncensored Thanks To Comedy Central On 4/20

In celebration of what is rapidly becoming more than just a holiday spoken of in college dorms across the country, 4/20, Comedy Central wants to do everyone a solid. I mean, it’s a holiday, and that’s usually a good time to be kind to people. So, in honor of 4/20, Comedy Central has decided to share the laughs that they’ve been bottling up away from all of us by sharing the entire three episodes of Time Traveling Bong. Uncensored.

Time Traveling Bong, which originally started off as a College Humor short way back in 2012, was picked up by Comedy Central for a three-episode run. The show, created by Broad City’s Ilana Glazer, Paul W. Downs, and Lucia Aniello, airs tonight on Comedy Central, but you can check it out via their website right now without having to worry about pesky bleeps or whatever else censors decide isn’t cool for cable television in 2016.

The limited, three episode run of Time Traveling Bong sees Ilana and Paul starring as Sharee and Jeff, who discover that their bong allows them to travel through time. Of course things get a bit weird, because they are stoned and the bong travels through time. If the very funny Broad City is any indicator, Time Traveling Bong should be a worthy addition to the lexicon of stoner comedy and should live on for years to come.

(Via SplitSider / Comedy Central)