Timothy Olyphant Deconstructed The Talk Show Interview In A Chaotic ‘Late Night’ Appearance

Conan has Paul Rudd playing the same clip from Mac and Me every time he’s on. David Letterman had Bill Murray’s elaborate entrances. And Seth Meyers has Timothy Olyphant consistently (and hilariously) upending the late-night format. Or as the Late Night host put it during Tuesday’s episode, “Usually I don’t get through my introduction of you because usually when you’re here in person you come out and interrupt me.”

Olyphant was there (“there” being “at his house in a Van Halen jersey“) to promote Fargo, but first, he had to walk off camera and make himself an adult beverage. He then took out a list of FX-approved talking points, such as, “Since Fargo is a limited series, FX does not use the word ‘seasons’ to describe the show. Please use ‘installment’ or ‘year,'” and explained why every project is the best project until the next best project:

“What we do generally is we get the job and before that job airs we tell everybody the show’s amazing. ‘It’s the best work I’ve ever done.’ And then we go get another job and we get that job based on the job you just did and you’re saying it’s the best work you’ve ever done. And then when that job comes out and it sucks, it’s fine because you already got another job and that job’s amazing, it’s the best work you’ve ever done.”

And what does Olyphant think of Fargo? “It’s amazing. It’s the best work I’ve ever done” (but seriously, season four, I mean, installment four is very good). If you only watch one late-night segment this week, make it the one above. Then watch the clip below, where Olyphant discusses his bizarre dream where Donald Trump was Steve Buscemi.