Timothy Olyphant Will Guest Star As A Professional Skateboarder On ‘The Mindy Project’ Next Season

The Mindy Project already booked Adam Pally and James Franco as guest stars for its upcoming season (with Franco playing a character named Dr. Paul Leotard, to my unending delight), so any other guest spots after that are really just gravy as far as I’m concerned. With that said, here is some world class, blue ribbon, county fair winning gravy.

Mindy Lahiri is about to add another hunky notch to her love belt: Justified star Timothy Olyphant is set to guest-star in an episode of The Mindy Project.

Olyphant will ditch the boots, hat and laid-back swagger of Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens for a … skateboard. The actor is set to play Graham Logan, “a wild, professional skateboarder in his mid-40s who nearly runs Mindy over in Union Square before asking her out on a date.” [LA Times]

Two things:

1) This is exactly what you do with your own television show. You make it a big enough hit that you are able to lure in famous attractive people as guest stars, then you write scenes where their characters play kissyface with you. A+ work, Mindy Kaling.

2) Here’s a fun mental image: Picture Art’s reaction to Raylan Givens deciding to take a leave of absence from the marshal’s office to become a professional skateboarder. Probably something like this.