Timothy Olyphant Explains How He Couldn’t Resist The Allure Of Willie Nelson’s Weed At Austin City Limits

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Any time that Timothy Olyphant drops by Conan you’re guaranteed some genuine entertainment that has little to do with whatever he’s promoting. As they point out at the start of this clip, Olyphant usually just shows up wearing whatever was lying around and looking like he “stumbled out of Spicoli’s van’.” He also is liable to drop his pants or admit to petty thievery from hotel rooms. We’ve all been there, but the man can turn it into entertainment.

Tuesday’s Conan was no different. Olyphant didn’t show up looking like a surf bum, but he did come with another great story. This time it takes place at Austin City Limits and involves some very potent weed from Willie Nelson. When you’re offered some of Willie Nelson’s weed, you don’t just turn it down. You do want to plan a little bit in advance, though. Olyphant skipped that step and moved on to taking a seat in the grass somewhere at the festival. He tries to make it to a nearby golf cart, but it isn’t happening.

Luckily it seems he had been in this situation before and knows what to do. He’s a celebrity, dammit. People know him!

Olyphant also tosses out a pretty good joke about Robert Downey Jr., and it doesn’t involve Iron Man. It’s classic Downey and classic Olyphant, going in different directions.

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