Timothy Simons Says It’s The Simplest Jonah Insults From ‘Veep’ That Hurt Him The Most

There are many, many reasons to watch HBO’s Veep, but the constant barrage of insults thrown Jonah Ryan’s way might be the best. Few television characters are so deserving of derision, and the endlessly creative quips at his expense belong in some sort of profanity museum.

You would expect that getting called things like “the guy with the police sketch face of a rapist” would get a little tiresome, but actor Timothy Simons seems to take it all in stride, explaining on Thursday’s Conan that “we got into comedy because we’ve removed all feeling and emotions from ourselves.” Still, the ones that pick on his physicality do tend to sting, because no one likes their hips mocked.

However, the hardest thing according to Simons is the fact that “Jolly Green J*zz Face” is easily the fan favorite insult, so much so that people have taken to yelling it at him in public. Remember, as exciting as it is to see your favorite television actors out in public, you’re still screaming about semen at a stranger in the grocery store.

While Jolly Green J*zz Face is a great one, I don’t know if anything will ever beat “You’re Frankenstein’s monster if his monster was made entirely of dead d*cks.”

(Via Team Coco)